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Light users making as few as 4 calls a day can
cut their phone bill in half.
Medium & heavy user save hundreds
and even thousands every month.

As broadband becomes the new standard in internet connectivity the way is open for everyone to dramatically reduce their telephone costs. With the e8 Australia call saver box users can pick the best of any of the broadband phone offers on the market today and in the future.

This powerful palm sized unit does it all for you and its not locked into any one call saving plan. You have the whole market open to you.

Just plug the unit into your broadband modem and plug in your existing phone for amazing saving on all of your phone calls.

Our unit even has an input for your existing phone line so you only need 1 phone. Pick up the phone and make a call, the call saver box will instantly choose the best value company to use for each phone call. Its all setup prior to delivery.

There's no monthly fee for 10c untimed national calls just a one off equipment and configuration investment of $349. You'll be amazed that you have had this capability available through your broadband connection all along (512k recommended).

A recent customer reduced her Telstra calls costs from around $300 to $50. She recovered the Investment cost in just 2 months.

Let us show you how much you can save.

Ask for savings on Broadband $35 for 8 Gig at 512K
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10 cent Untimed National Calls Australia Wide
Save even more if most of your calls are just a few minutes.
1 cent per minute for timed national calls
Save a fortune on quick calls

1 Minute call to anywhere in Australia for just 1 cent
2 Minute call to anywhere in Australia for just 2 cent