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User Updatable Content.


e8 Australia have created a simple User Updatable Content demonstration to illustrate how easy it is to update an e8 Australia user updatable web page.
The automatic image preparation and upload function eleviates the need and cost of a web developer. Instantly drag and drop large image files to your web page.

Any part of an e8 Australia hosted website can be designed for easy update via a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer. No web development skills or special software are required. Most clients choose this option for the most frequently updated sections of their website.

Along with the convenience of being able to instantly update your website regardless of developer availability, there are significant medium and long term developer cost savings.

The User Updatable Website demonstration features a website where text and images can be updated instantly. The web content is stored in a database for the flexability and power of website design commonly called dynamic . The web server even resizes images that a website owner uploads using a simple web browser.
Script are available to automatically undertake all graphic preparation for web.

Although the demonstration extends well beyond our simple example e8 Australia can design, develop and host a web site where just about any element can be updated without web development skills or software.

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